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Fall Fashion Finds Under $50

Yes, it's that time of year again. Legend has it that if you listen closely enough, you can actually hear the stampede of girls running to get their first pumpkin spice latte's of the season. (Sorry if you're a fan...me? Not so much)

But anyways... with a new season, you need some new wardrobe pieces. As much as I love summer - the warm weather, the sundresses, the sun-hats, the sunglasses... fall fashion just might be my favorite. Why? Because we're not stuck sweating in our cute outfits from the summer heat. We're also not covering up our outfits with a big winter coat (I mean... at least if you're from the Chicago area lol)

If you've been following along, you probably already know how big of an Amazon fan I am. I mean seriously - the prices are great, and it's on your doorstep in two days (thank you Amazon Prime) Believe it or not, Amazon actually has some pretty, on-trend pieces that are affordable. So, without further ado, I'm bringing you the very best Amazon fall fashion finds for every style- all for under $50.

For the Boho Babe:

Shop this photo:

Bottoms $25

Top $20

Duster Jacket $23

Boots *similar* $19

(The Boots in the photo are $165...oops)

Hat $32

Crocodile Fanny Pack $16

Earrings $15

For the Chic Chick:

Shop this photo:

Pleated Skirt $20

Button Down Top $20

Earrings $8

Clutch $23

Open Toe Booties $49

For the Arsty Gal:

Shop this photo:

Skirt $28

Blouse $17

Earrings $10

Boots $28

Purse $17

Sunglasses $10

For the Office Woman:

Shop this photo:

Dress $30

Jacket $30

Clutch $12

Shoes $42

Earrings $20

For the Trendy Tom Boy:

Shop this Photo:

Jacket $49

Turtleneck Crop $15

Cargo Pants $28

Loafers $32

Stockings $8

Backpack $24

For the Preppy Princess:

Shop this Photo:

Blazer $41

Top $18

Skirt $48

Headbands $10

Earrings $17

Purse $33

Shoes $35

For the Casual Chick:

Shop this Photo:

Cardigan $32

Tank $17

Jeans $35

Sunglasses $11

Bag $20

Shoes $20

For the Beauty in Black:

Shop this Photo:

Jacket $42

Top $22

Jeans $28

Earrings $9

Shoes $42

Purse $33

The list definitely doesn't end here. And these are just some outfits I threw together - that I might actually wear! (I definitely ordered a few pieces while making the flatlay photos) If my picks don't cater to your taste or your style, by all means - leave my some more suggestions below! Thanks for reading, and happy shopping ;)

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