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CBD Oil Infused Mascara

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Wait... What?

Yes - CBD (Cannabidiol) oil infused mascara. It sounds super questionable. Why would somebody even consider adding a hemp derived mascara to the market? What difference will it make? Many people (including myself) have that one mascara that is considered their "go-to" and trust me, I don't blame you! When we find what we like, we stick with it. However, when I tried Milk Makeup's new KUSH waterproof mascara, I was definitely taken aback by it. And here's why...

Getting Technical

First of all, I had to know... what was different about this type of mascara? Well, Milk Makeup came up with a technique that involves tiny heart-shaped fibers. Typically, you'll find that mascaras in the market right now only use straight fibers (creating length) Milk Makeup's innovative heart-shape fibers actually fuse with the cannibis oil when applied to your lashes. This is what helps us achieve thick, fuller, and longer lashes without any fallout. And for those of you with oily eyelids (myself included) ...there are no smudges after application! This was a huge bonus for me.

The Price Point

Milk Makeup's KUSH Mascara just launched on April 20th (get it?) for $24. Okay, yes, that's a little steep compared to your average drug store mascara (I'm a loyal Maybelline Mascara user) BUT... the quality of this mascara is top notch. Personally, I prefer the waterproof over the regular, and it's the same price for both. While this does have a unique selling point with the cannibis sativa seed oil, the heart-shaped fiber technology alone is enough to make me purchase it again. (no spidery lashes in sight...ever) By the way - the packaging of this cute little mascara is awesome. I've never held a tube of mascara that was this heavy duty. I feel like I should consider this a prized possession... :)

You can try a mini Milk Makeup KUSH Mascara though Amazon for a cheaper price below:

OR buy the full-size version from Milk Makeup's offical website here:


Milk Makeup is vegan AND cruelty free! The CBD oil in this particular line of mascara replaces the need for beeswax, which is found in most other mascaras.

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