• Michelle Saulters

Beauty Habits to Live By

I've always thought it was extremely important to invest in yourself and your beauty. No matter what age you might be... 20, 40, 80, or any number in between... there are certain beauty habits that you should be implementing into your everyday life. It's never too early or too late to start, either.

I think we all know how hard it can be to keep up with work, social life, working out, personal responsibilities, etc... so staying on top of those beauty do's and dont's can be tough. For several years now, I've been practicing a handful of beauty maintenance tips and tricks that I firmly believe in. Some of them I've learned from my mom, my aunts, and my best friends who all invest in their beauty. Others I've learned from just doing some good ol' research... but all of them have become habits of mine. It's definitely no secret that the beauty industry has an endless amount of products, which is why I held off on writing this post for some time. With any beauty product, we won't see significant changes or results until a few weeks (or months) down the road. Below is a list of simple beauty habits that I swear by, and that I think are worth sharing with you all. ⇢

1. Remove. Your. Makeup.

It prevents pimples, it prevents irritated skin, it prevents brittle eyelashes, it prevents larger looking pores... There's really no reason not to remove your makeup before bed. We come in contact with so many different bacteria, dirt, sweat, and general skin stressors throughout the day that just thinking about it makes me want to go wash my face right now. I double-cleanse my face at the end of each day. First, I use this soothing micellar cleanser on a cotton round to remove all makeup (for eye makeup, I use this gentle waterproof remover) followed by this lightweight, hydrating cleanser to really remove all the grime from my day.

2. Ice cold water rinse

Every time I shower, I end it with a solid 20 seconds of ice cold water. Sure, that hot, steamy water feels so nice - especially now that it's getting chilly! At the same time, it opens up your pores and your hair follicles - which is great for cleaning your skin and hair, but you don't necessarily want to leave it that way. After conditioning my hair, and especially after using a hair mask, I wash it out with cold water so that it really seals in all of the beneficials ingredients. Closing hair follicles with cold water will also help your hair appear shiny and smooth. (learned this from my stylist) This general rule applies your skin, too! No one likes the appearance of large pores... give it a cold water rinse. This trick is also a great way to wake yourself up in the morning. 😉

3. Moisturizing already wet skin

Speaking of showers, the next habit I swear by is moisturizing my skin as soon as I exit the shower - literally while my skin is still wet. Lotions absorb more easily when applied to damp skin. It needs to get deep down into your skin to lock in that moisture, and give us the lasting results that we're looking for. Waiting a few minutes, or hours, before applying your moisturizer isn't necessarily a bad thing - you're just kind of wasting your product and doing your skin a disservice. That's all.

4. Switch up your shampoo

We should be treating our hair the same way we treat our skin. Obviously, we all have different skin types depending on the climate, the water, and our own DNA. It can range from dry, to oily, to combination, etc. The same goes for our hair. Just like how we switch up products during difficult skin times and changing seasons, do the same for your hair! I haven't found a solid answer as to how often we should change up our shampoo & conditioner, but doing so can help prevent product build up that might be weighing down your locks. Where I live, I have pretty harsh water that can take a toll on my hair (even if we have a water softener) so I like to rotate between this strengthening shampoo, this color preserving shampoo, and this volumizing shampoo. For conditioner I rotate between this damaged hair conditioner and this Keratin protein conditioner.

5. Silk pillowcase

Since we're talking about hair, let's talk about something that comes in contact with our hair every single day: our pillow. Yes, yes, we should all be getting a sufficient amount of "beauty sleep," but we're about to get a little more technical here. A little over a year ago, I switched out my pillow case for a silk pillowcase. There are so many proven benefits of doing this. Your pillowcase could be the culprit behind those dreaded bad hair days... and due to the smooth surface of a silk pillowcase, it's proven to prevent frizzy hair. 😲 Silk can also keep your hair hydrated and healthy! Why? Well, the typical cotton pillowcase has a very sponge-like makeup that can easily attract and absorb moisture. However, a silk pillowcase will keep that moisture right where it belongs - in our hair and skin. With that being said, silk pillowcases can actually be considered an anti-aging product. Not only because it keeps your skin hydrated, but... Ever wake up from a deep sleep with "dents" or fine lines on your face? The smooth surface of a silk pillowcase is less likely to create the friction that causes those fine lines. I'm not saying this will be a cure-all remedy, but it could make a big difference in the long run. Real silk pillowcases can be pricey, but this is the one I use that's on the more affordable side.

6. Invest in a good facial serum

If you don't already use a serum in your skincare routine, your skin is seriously missing out! As we age, the moisture levels within our skin start to diminish. Serums are lightweight but very concentrated, and they are made up of molecules so small, that they're able to penetrate deeper into our skin compared to moisturizer. There are so many different kind of serums on the market, and they're all jam-packed with active ingredients that your skin will thank you for. Some can be expensive, but you only need to use a pea-sized amount of serum everyday, anyways - so they should last quite a while. Here are some of my everyday favs: I use this glass-skin serum for a hydrating, pore-less look... I use this brightening vitamin C serum for redness and acne irritation.

7. Take your vitamins!

Aside from a daily multivitamin, I've made it a habit to take in biotin and collagen everyday. I take 5000mcg of this Biotin vitamin everyday (and right now it's 50% off!) For my daily dose of collagen, I use this collagen peptide mix. The difference? Biotin is the vitamin B7 or H that we need for hair, skin, and nail growth and production. Collagen is the protein found in our bones, muscles, and skin that provides that strength and support needed for successful production.

These are just a handful of beauty tips that I do every single day. If you think I'm missing any, or if you have some that you do... feel free to leave a comment or send me a message - I'd love to know more! Thanks for reading 😊 x

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