About me

This is me: Michelle Saulters.


A midwestern girl in her twenties, coming at you with real, honest content on everything from make up & skincare, to clothes & accessories, to travel destinations & good eats.


And of course I'll throw in the occasional post that has nothing to do with any of those previously listed topics because, well, why not? 


I'm hoping that what I bring to the table will serve as a source of inspiration, guidance, or  just entertainment for you, and even me! 


In the meantime, to get to know me a little better, I've listed some basic facts that may or may not be of interest to you.


Keep scrolling to check them out. Enjoy! :)

big time facts

  • I'm 22 years old

  • My sun sign is Cancer, my moon sign is Scorpio

  • I wish I wasn't an astrology freak, but I am

  • I'm also a huge taco enthusiast

  • Will definitely want to pet your dog

  • I, too, have a dog & her name is Nola (yes, like New Orleans)

  • I have one tattoo of a fleur-de-lis (yes, also like New Orleans)

  • I earned a Bachelor's Degree from the Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago

  • Design is my thing

  • I take lots of pictures - places I go, clothes I wear, food I eat, etc.

  • I eat gluten free due to my wheat allergy, not because it's trendy (lol)

  • I am obsessed with skincare products

  • I'm a creative person, so yes, I am also obsessed with make up

  • And clothes (you probably saw that coming) but anyways...

  • Mac > PC

  • Gold jewelry > Silver jewelry

  • Ulta > Sephora

  • Pinot Grigio > Pinot Noir

  • Thanksgiving > Christmas

  • White Sox > Cubs (yes, I said it)


Okay, that's all for now. Thanks for reading! And please, enjoy your stay :)

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