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Hey guys! Welcome to my tiny corner of the internet, where I can talk to you about all the things that I would normally annoy my friends and family with!


Just kidding. Kind of.

But seriously, if you've taken the time to stop by, thank you! I'm Michelle; a twenty-something Chicago based

"art school grad" who just discovered another creative outlet to channel my thoughts to the world.

In this case, my "thoughts to the world" will consist of all things: 

beauty, skincare, clothing, food, and the occasional travel destination.


Unique... right? HA

The thing is, I won't be talking about any outrageously priced designer accessory that must be a part of your summer wardrobe... or the $800 dollar jar of moisturizer that your favorite celebrity swears by... 

I'm keeping things simple.

I'm talking real and honest feedback, tips, and recommendations about easily attainable, relatable, AND debatable things for the everyday person...FROM an everyday person.


& trust me - you'll like it.

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